When you feel it is right time to help everyone to develop or adapt a skill in gardening or a “nature” instinct by exploring Earth’s artworks with Leon Lim and creating an indoor or outdoor garden at home, please feel free to make a donation to Leon Lim’s vision. Here is the button below to click for donation. Once your donation is accepted, you will receive a Leon-designed Thank you card by email and will be contacted for upcoming exhibitions when Leon Lim finds a place for Earth’s artworks.

Every donation is directly invested in implementing an Earth Awaiting Humanity project by Artist Leon Lim. Feel free to contact us anytime. Thank You!

Donate For Earth

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For question or concerns, please feel free to contact Leon Lim by email at leonlim26 [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you for your great support. I will keep you updated with your email address for Leon Lim’s next exhibitions.