Commissioned by Prestige Magazine, Lim created three sculptural paintings with the living elements of nature and man-made objects for the magazine’s cover story and profile of Artist Leon Lim.

Lim found the objects from the abandoned houses in Kuala Lumpur such as joss papers, the old wooden frames, steel wire grid, love letters, billings, jars, China-style kettle, stainless steel grill basket, kid’s homework books, and fine-crafted furniture. Lim decided to use the objects for his new artworks because it is a portrait of the failed life in Kuala Lumpur during the 1970s to 1990s.

One of the three sculptural paintings titled, “Faith in Love” is Lim’s childhood inspiration when he was fascinated by the forms and letters of handwritings, the shapes of crafts and the transformation of the colors in the objects. Lim combined those objects to tell a different story about what happened to the family who didn’t take those fine-crafted objects and left the house. No one sells or rents or takes care of the abandoned houses for over 50 years.

Year : 2013
Size:  36” D x 6” W x 60 ” H
Medium: Readymade objects such written letters, billings, China-style kettle, jars, stainless steel grill basket, school books, and wood board.