When Leon has constantly felt the ‘alert’ sense about the critical circumstances from the inappropriate destructions of the beautiful old buildings and lifelong trees caused by human activities for making unreasonable bigger profits to the inexplicable aesthetics of the natural world destroyed by the climate changes to the motivational benefits of human skills and humanity vanished or plundered by the unlimited services of watching violence movies and immoral televisions, playing video games, and overusing social media for many years.

Leon spent several years thinking long about how to serve the natural world, how to create artworks with living plants at home for health benefits, how to develop and curate the ideas for plant-based exhibition or show, and how to create possibilities for people to protect the natural world before he established new mission.

Until 2020, the unexpectedly and deadly pandemic caused by the selfish actions, the political & economical ideologies and the unhealthy sustenances that caused over five million unnecessary deaths around the world after almost two years of the pandemic since February 2020.

In 2021, it was time for Leon to devote himself to establishing a project named Earth Awaiting Humanity to use his best abilities and the power of art to strengthen the fundamental relationship between humans and nature and to serve the natural world, especially Earth, by creating artworks and art installations with the living elements of nature in public spaces, public parks and venues, introducing the benefits of human skills in gardening, cultivating, caregiving, and caretaking with an indoor and/or outdoor garden, and reforming the traditional ways of seeing, thinking, eating, drinking, communicating, and exercising.

Once the Earth Awaiting Humanity project receives financial supports and participations from a diversity of communities and people with nature instincts, Leon would explore new opportunity to establish a non-profit organization such as an art and earth center to bring the mission and vision with a new staff and communities to fruition.

Any donation, contribution, fellowship, or nomination would be a meaningful and obliged support that helps us to to create a diversity of nature-inspired opportunities in working with artists, designers, gardeners, and botanists for living-plant-based exhibitions, helping people to rebuild their relationship with nature by seeing and experiencing new artworks with the living elements of nature and to explore or adapt the benefits of gardening at home, and elevating the impact and movement of the art-meets-earth show as motivation for students, teachers, parents, leaders, and governments to become part of guardianship and environmental stewardship of our planet Earth and its natural resources.